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September 27, 2007 by singrdave
I just started working in a new building. I'm quickly approaching the end of my third week here. Someone who uses the same men's room as I has been inserting suppositories daily in one of the toilet stalls. Know how I know? He leaves behind the suppository wrapper on the ledge over the toilet paper. Every day, same stall, there's a wrapper. If it wasn't absolutely disgusting to pick up, I'm seriously thinking of taping it to an index card, attaching it to the bathroom mirror with a...
December 14, 2005 by singrdave
I feel for my brothers back in Texas. Especially SPC Nobody Special and other non-JUsers, who got out of the Army at roughly the same time that I did and have found little to no success in post-Army life. In fact, X-SPC is still looking for work beyond shade-tree mechanic and pizza delivery... oh wait, the pizza is his wife, LadyCleve. He recently has been posting that he's going back to the Army. Poor sod. Meanwhile, I'm doing well. I've got a great job with the US Department of Def...
October 19, 2005 by singrdave
Y'know, the Department of Defense is so crazy about keeping things under wraps. They don't even want me to tell anyone who I work for. But I will go out on a limb and let you know exactly who it is I work for. I'll probably get in trouble for this, but... My job! Hope this sheds some light on my "clandestine" job.