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Common workplace courtesy
Published on September 27, 2007 By singrdave In Work
I just started working in a new building. I'm quickly approaching the end of my third week here.

Someone who uses the same men's room as I has been inserting suppositories daily in one of the toilet stalls.

Know how I know? He leaves behind the suppository wrapper on the ledge over the toilet paper. Every day, same stall, there's a wrapper.

If it wasn't absolutely disgusting to pick up, I'm seriously thinking of taping it to an index card, attaching it to the bathroom mirror with a note that says:

Dear Sir,
Please stop leaving your used suppository wrappers in the bathroom stall.
Out of common courtesy, please dispose of them properly. Take an extra second and put them in the wastebasket.
This is nasty.

Am I out of line? Is this too much to ask?

on Sep 27, 2007
'Cause it's really nasty.
on Sep 27, 2007
Eww!  Do it, leave the note (without the wrapper) and be glad that you're not the janitor and be glad it's not a condom wrapper.  Then you would have to be careful about your toetapping in the restroom - lol.  There are things worse than suppository wrappers in some women's restrooms.  Face it some people are just extremely lazy and have zero courtesy.  I mean how much effort does it take to through a wrapper away? 
on Sep 28, 2007

Have the note (without the wrapper) posted by the top dog.  It is nasty!  But you should not have to do it.  The Boss (or Building Manager) should do it.

Oh, sorry, just saw where Loca said the same thing (except for the boss part).