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November 5, 2008 by singrdave
Arizona and Florida have effectively banned same-sex marriage.  California's decision is still forthcoming, but as on 9:00 AM EST on Wednesday morning, the votes echo those cast in AZ and FL.

And now for the effects: I got a very serious email this morning from my lesbian friend, mourning the dissolution of her marriage.


Well Dave you helped do it. You as a str...
October 17, 2008 by singrdave
An email this morning from a friend of mine from high school brought up a very interesting question. Background: she and I dated for a little while in high school, but broke up after about six months. Time passed and we stayed in touch, off and on. After a failed marriage and four kids, she came out of the closet and is now in a committed relationship with a woman.


You know I have always been straight forward, so I seriously have a question. How can...
December 29, 2005 by singrdave
So today is my twelfth anniversary with my loving wife. We are still incredibly happy, despite four kids, many stressors, and six years in the Army. We see our lives as a great adventure. We are really looking forward to this chapter in our lives: raising our four children in Maryland, post-Army, trying to buy a house (finally - too many years of base housing), and just trying to get to know one another all over again every day.

My wife is the best thing in my life. She is my best frien...
December 11, 2005 by singrdave
I have a rant, and I think you'll either agree with me wholeheartedly or completely flame me over this.

I cannot stand it when a woman insists on hyphenating her married name with her maiden name. To see people saddled with two or three surnames is just mean-spirited. I understand that women want to express their independence and their non-subjugation to their husband, but stop thinking about yourself for a moment...


I know several children who have their paren...