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The kids made off with a big haul tonight...
Published on October 31, 2005 By singrdave In Parenting
Hey JU all,

Hope y'all are having a great Halloween night. It's bedtime now, and wanted to see if you got as much candy as we did, and if you gave away as much candy as we did, too.

Ben went as a sorceror, Dylan as a mummy, and Emilie went as Hermione Granger. Very cool bunch of kids, indeed.


on Oct 31, 2005
Wouldn't know. I ended up working. That's alright though, I scared the crap out of people delivering pizzas. Okay, mostly two year olds, but they were really scared. Pictures to follow.
on Nov 01, 2005
We bought 2 bags of mixed stuff from Costco (the huge ones) and a box of tootsie pops.  About 2/3rds are gone.  Trick or treating seemed to be about 6:30-8:30.  My Wife went out and got some last minute decorations (which I of course had to set up).  You should see our house in a month for Christmas!  She does love to decorate for the hollidays!
on Nov 01, 2005
My little ones have enough candy to rot out all of their teeth several times over. I'm just glad it was a nice night out.We spent two hours of walking from house to house visiting friends and trick or treating. It was fun. We had quite a few kids that stopped at our house also. My husband volunteered to pass out the candy this year. I had a blast with my zombie son, my 2year old daughter aka puppy and my oldest daughter who dressed up as the night sky. But I'm very glad it only happens once a year.