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I want to be a Maryland teacher! They get like beaucoup days off!
Published on October 21, 2005 By singrdave In Parenting
As you may know, we just moved to the state of Maryland, and I enrolled my kids in school. They started on October 3rd. My kids then had October 4th off for Rosh Hashanah. They had the 13th off for Yom Kippur. They have today (October 21st) off for the teachers to attend an MSTA convention/staff development day.
Anne Arundel County 2005-06 School Calendar
So, I am all for diversity and religious holidays. And I certainly have nothing against the teachers honing their professional swords to a razors edge. But doesn't this seem excessive? My kids haven't had a 5-day school week since they got here.

on Oct 21, 2005
Incidentally, I checked and they also have the entire week off for Thanksgiving.
on Oct 21, 2005
Forget being a teacher, what a great place to babysit/run a daycare. Do they think the parents are going to get to take off work to take care of the kids or something? Sheesh. Not an issue with you, but still.