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June - She's Bustin' Out All Over!
Published on June 5, 2005 By singrdave In Parenting
Well, June has come. Sometime this month, my wife will give birth to baby #4, a boy, and we're excited. We are quite fond of our other three, and we're very happy that number 4 is coming along. People are so funny... they expect that after 11 1/2 years of marriage, that we'd have 1 or 2 kids. Nope, we will soon have four.
My point in putting this up on my site is to let you know that four is not weird, four is healthy but intimidating. Not everyone can have four kids, just as not everyone can juggle two bank accounts or find the time to bowl, golf, and do needlepoint while attending graduate school while being a spouse while...
Four *IS* intimidating, but we're looking forward to the challenge. Should be fun to try it out. Two kids per parent... four directions at the toy store... uuugggghhh.
What did we get ourselves in to?

on Jul 11, 2005
Well, she finally did it! We're very happy for you all, and wish you luck with the next step in life.
on Oct 18, 2005
What did you get yourself into? A lifetime of fun and games!

Honestly, I wouldn't trade in any of my four. They are all precious blessings. Of course, number four was finally my little girl, so I'm a little biased.

We have gotten some interesting looks. My wife (who is just now starting to look like she's in her early 20's instead of early 30's) keeps getting questions like "Are they all yours?" and "Wow, isn't it tough to raise four kids?" Her answers: "Yes" and "No".

It's even more fun homeschooling all 4.
on Oct 18, 2005
Well congrats to you and your wife! I have three and the last one is a little dynamite! Good luck and continue to enjoy your kids.
on Oct 18, 2005 I said this morning, we got the same thing when we had our third. People made comments like "was there a power outage' and 'were you bored'. Whilst Jacob wasn't a planned baby, he's certainly a welcome and loved one.

People think that you have to conform to the American ideal of 2.2 kids. Any more than that and you *gasp* might have to forfeit some of your material possessions and freedom for your kids.
on Oct 18, 2005
Congratulations!! Best of luck to you... sounds like a great family to me.

I have three... all six years apart. They're one of God's greatest blessings to me.
on Oct 18, 2005
Well, the baby is three months old now, and quite a handful. We're very happy that he's healthy and well... in fact, a little too well, as he is at the 95th percentile on height and weight. First kid we've had to top the charts! All our others were below average for their age.
Four kids is a terrific challenge, and like y'all have said, very rewarding. I would not have it any other way!
on Oct 22, 2005
Well I am happy for you Dave, and I know that your kids are going to be good cotizens due to the influence of their parents.
oh yeah... time for the Snip! Snip!
on Oct 22, 2005
At 3 they out number you. 4 is easy after that!
on Oct 22, 2005
Snip! Snip!

Yeah, thanks Geez. 'Preciate the reminder. As soon as my HMO gets its act together, I will make... the... call...

Time... slowing... down... !