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Published on September 19, 2007 By singrdave In Current Events
Orenthal James Simpson, a man who we're used to seeing in a jumpsuit and handcuffs, had his bail set at $125,000.

A judge set bail at $125,000 and read 11 charges Wednesday against O.J. Simpson stemming from an alleged robbery last week in a Las Vegas hotel. Judge Joe Bonaventure also ordered Simpson to turn over his passport to his attorneys. Clark County District Attorney David Rogers agreed to the bail, which defense attorney Yale Galanter said Simpson would pay immediately after the hearing.

The irritating things about OJ's latest run-in with the law are as follows:

1) If OJ has $125,000 for bail money shouldn't it go to the Goldman family?

2) If the memorabilia in the hotel room was actually his, how did it come to be out of OJ's possession in the first place? Was it stolen merchandise?

3) Was breaking in with your posse the best way to get your stuff back? What about the People's Court?

4) Are there 12 people anywhere that aren't prejudiced about OJ, one way or the other? Jury selection will be a nightmare.

The soap opera continues.

on Sep 19, 2007
Why did OJ have to get distracted? He could've just kept at the quest for Nicole's real killer.
on Sep 19, 2007
The predictions for bail were between $500,000 and $2.5 million.

What he got was a shockingly low bail for a man who took one of the most famous flights from custody in American history. (If only he'd ended up in a barn surrounded by dogs and a posse, we'd be spared this latest fiasco.)

I've been watching that judge for years. I think he's a bit of an idiot. When I saw he was presiding I thought, "Oh no."

If I remember correctly he was the judge on the Ted Binnion murder retrial which saw two of the guiltiest people I've ever seen in my life walk free after they'd already been convicted previously of the murder.

Don't be fooled, Vegas has as many idiot juries and judges as L.A. While I'd be shocked if O.J. skated this time, the wheels of lunacy are already beginning to turn.

on Sep 19, 2007
Ironically after the hearing he left the courthouse in a white Bronco.
on Sep 19, 2007
I just heard that one of the victims has suffered a 'massive heart attack.' This was presumeably brought on or aggravated by the stress incurred whilst being robbed at gunpoint.

Yes, I think that was the one who wanted to drop the case because of his poor health. (Something I can understand. That's why I mostly stayed out of the SPM wars.)

I kinda wish this would go away, too. Vegas TV-news is hardly talking about anything else. One night the whole 30 minutes was O.J. I want real news, darn it!
on Sep 19, 2007
The settlement with the goldman's did not leave him a pauper.  He got to retain some money. What I dont know.
on Sep 19, 2007

I just wanted to be the first to say it and take all the heat. I'm tired of someone else getting all the credit. I'm looking at you, Sabrina

Ok, dear god, I'm just kidding. Put down your torches and pitchforks.

Anyway, silly jokes aside, 125k is retarded. They shouldn't have set bail at all. This guy is the Freestyle Fleeing Champion of the world. Hell, his whole claim to fame was getting a ball handed to him and then fleeing with it. What was the judge thinking?

I kinda wish this would go away, too. Vegas TV-news is hardly talking about anything else. One night the whole 30 minutes was O.J. I want real news, darn it!

You won't find real news on TV anymore, Gene. Sorry :/
on Sep 19, 2007
I'd stab you, Ock, but since I'm white I'll have to settle for identity theft and embezzlement.

Hurray for stereotypes!
on Sep 19, 2007
They shouldn't have set bail at all.

"Whatever you have, add 10% and that's your bail."