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Let's encourage less spending by taking it all away!
Published on November 13, 2006 By singrdave In US Domestic
The turnout of the recent elections gives Americans the opportunity to mend our spendthrift ways and become fiscally responsible, both governmentally and personally. Otherwise, they fear the American economy will lose its status as the standard for world economic stability.

Probable Democratic solutions for the problem at hand are as follows:
1. Raise taxes.
2. Cut benefits. Raise the minimum retirement age to save Social Security.
3. Adopt a "pay as you go" philosophy to federal spending.
4. Encourage citizens to save rather than spend themselves into wealth.

I really disagree with the first two points. The economy is doing better than pundits expected, especially so soon after the tech bubble burst and the economic fallout from 9/11. People are paying less taxes than they were under Clinton, and the unemployment rate is below 5 percent, which is great considering the great tech layoffs of late (US Labor Dept.). I think the economy is sailing in the right direction without increasing the tax burden and cutting or delaying Social Security benefits. Not to say the SS system does not need an overhaul, but it fails to qualify as the Doomsday Device for our economy.

Full disclosure: I am a federal employee, so it's in my best interest to encourage raising taxes and fight the cutting of benefits. I hope to have a pension in about 31 years, thank you very much...

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on Nov 13, 2006
Cutting benefits, I do not agree with...however, taxes are a necessity. Even though we hate them, the government needs to make revenue, and taxes are the most reliable way. They also want to raise minimum wage, which is good...I have faith things will eventually balance out....if not, then we'll live with it anyway. Much like the whole gasoline issue...I remember 99 cents a we've got over $2...$3 in some cases.

on Nov 13, 2006
But revenues have soared since the "horrible, irresponsible" Bush tax cuts have come into force. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but it's true.
on Nov 13, 2006

Raise Taxes - Yes

Cut benefits.  No (when have they ever taken the hard road)

Pay as you go - No.  Tax more, and spend more.  They do not cut period (name anytime since Kennedy).

Save Vs Spend?  - No.  Their programs are to cost more, and so they cannot save more.

IN effect, they are going to tax more, spend even more, and let SS die.  The only times that SS has been addressed constructively is when Republicans have been in charge.  Yet they have so incited the issue, that there is nothing they can do now to save it.  On the one hand, they know we have a few years to go before it colapses.  So they dont want to do anything.  The last time they made a hard decision was when ...... {censored}.

never mind.  How much you want to bet that SS is going to be the same in 2 years?

on Nov 14, 2006
Dr Guy

You must not have looked at the Bush Social Security proposal. His proposed change ( private accounts) would impact the X and Y generations while making the problem of HOW to pay retirement benefits to the Baby Boomers MUCH worse. He did not address the problem at hand- How to pay the promised retirement to the baby boomers! His plan took money currently pledged to pay Social Security to the Boomers to fund the private accounts. Thus his plan did nothing to fund the current shortfall and then added to the shortfall with the private accounts. GREAT SOLUTION!!!!!