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Improving humanity's common lot
Published on March 31, 2006 By singrdave In World Trade Issues
A fellow student in my Master's program recently said,

>> I see the U.S. losing ground on other fronts as well: academics, employment, technology, healthcare, just to name a few.

And to that I say hooray! Globalization is the best way to bring Third-World nations up to our standard of living. It's about time India, China, and Eastern Europe were given the opportunity to work themselves out of their nations' despondency. To take India as a specific example, soon high-tech workers and their families will be up to the living standard of the US and the first-world nations. For India's people, the American quality of life is an ideal never dreamed possible; yet we see it outside the call centers and tech districts of Bangalore. A recent issue of TIME Magazine got me very excited for India's future. As the US encourages capital expenditures in far-off, Third-World nations, we spend money for humanity's future.

Globalization! Any thoughts?

on Mar 31, 2006
Why shouldn't all humans consume at the rate of Americans?

Soon we'll be going to Six Flags Bombay.
on Apr 01, 2006
Why shouldn't all humans consume at the rate of Americans?

No reason they shouldn't except their society prohibits it in order to saturate the American consumer, making him/her spoiled and unproductive.
on Apr 10, 2006
I feel that globalization is the key to overcoming poverty and the wealth imbalance in the world today. Any takers?
on Apr 10, 2006
Sure, I would rather everyone be on the same page rather than have some people on a future page, some on the present page and some in the past.
on Apr 12, 2006
If we can bring the level of society up a few notches, it's something. Better than "Feed the World" or "Band-Aid" ever could be. Globalization teaches a man to fish.
on Apr 12, 2006
If we can bring the level of society up a few notches, it's something. Better than "Feed the World" or "Band-Aid" ever could be. Globalization teaches a man to fish.

We could always have a major war like how Star Trek describes how the human race eliminated hunger, disease and poverty. Billions die and the rest finally understand what humanity really means and they lived happily ever after, till warp travel was discovered that is.
on May 29, 2008
well deal with global trade and globalization is this, 3rd will countrys will raise more towards middle but 1st world countrys will fall moretowards the middle also, there is only a need for so many jobs company to produce for whole world there is only need for so many markets.

thats whole point of golobalzation to equal out.

which really means you will end up with all countrys eventual just being 2nd world countrys.

problem tho is alot of country will not globzli example china has made statement saying that they will out srouce but will 100% cut back on all import and will require there country to be none dependent on othere countrys.

example be food they are pushing to creat farm land and to cut back on there food imports to be total self suffectent will thats bad for USA becuase its there major to almost only export to china.

also poor countrys can not importent form rich 1st world countrys they can not afford the goods, its been proven time and time agin, its reason USA has a almost 500 billion trade defict with china.

when you talk trade defice that means money going out none taxable buy the usa and not comming back into the system.

just being lost.

this is also reaosn USA ecnomey has been falling, more and more money is printed leave country is used to back up othere countrys currecy by them buying out usa debit and in gernal owning countyrs curnecy and goverment.

which cuase inflaation and lose of faith in the dollar.

its good for 3rd world not so good for 2nd world and horriable for 1st world countrys.

but in gernaily 3rd world and 2nd world will never improve using golbozation, beucase in time as they do improve jobs and export abilty will just leave there country and go to anthere cheaper place.

what it dose allow for is for govmernet with larger mitlarty abilty to push there weight around on smaller goverments, becuase they can then destory there whole markets by saying we will not trade with you any more if you do not change you govemrent or way you do things.

it really just destorys sovertinty of all countrys.

houseing market is anthere from of where golobizlation has hurt othere countrys then just USA, feddy and so forth have down trade for housing loans in Erup and in USA when company went or go bank rupt here it will also desotry loans in those countrys.

its happen befor now othere country can if they want require USA to pay for those lossages.

goblization can cuz lots of tension, and has been knowing to creat wars.

also if you get majority of all your exports from one coutnry like USA dose from china, it can give abilty for a 3rd world or 2nd world country to hold 1st world country hostage.

as china has done to USA, there is alot of cases where things china has done could be consider acts of war, one of the biggest is the spy ring where china actully pays chinese students or citizens in usa to, portest aginst deomcary, and to cuase riots, or the stealing of technology from and mitlarty secerts usa really can not do anything about it becuase china can just cut usa lose from its exports, and econmey in usa would fall apart, goods and cost would rise, horriabley.

globlzation can help the people in 3rd world country but major reason for a people to be poor or to suffer is not due to trade or anything like that majority of reasons people are forced to live in protery or to be poor or salves is usally due to the state or goverment that runs it.

in gerneral though thats the JOB of the UN to see that needs of the people of the world are meet.

we can use africa as an example alot of people there live in provety due to not enough food, one of the main reasons, well living in africa is kind of like, moving your fmaily to death vally, there is very few places in area that will be albe to grow food, or large farms or huge crops. with out abilty to grow or to make huge supplys of food you lose your abilty to provide for large populations, africa has huge populations of people.

I should also note that, africa has problem with state contrl majority of govemrents in africa are croupt, and are more likly to mass murder then to feed there own populations, or to burn down there crops if family is lucky enough to have any.

why dosnt any one help country wise mostly becuase theres nothing worth while in there, and any time one govemrent trys to ploice the world, it is demmed to be no better then a natiz state, or an emipre and is usally looked down apon by the rest of the world.

like I said its job of the UN to deal with globzation, free trade, and state country goverments.